Attach Pop Up Windows


I am running an automation for uploading folders to a Doc management site, however if there is an excel in the folder an Excel compatibility pop is appearing in the background and blocking the upload unless you select continue.


I have added code that checks that the element exists and if so, to attach the window and click the continue button. However the window isn’t attaching when I run the code it is staying in the background.

Anyone have this issue before?

HI @sean.ryan ,

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If you want that popup to appear in foreground, use show window activity with in attach window.


Hi @SaurabhDisawal,

Do I need to put a value in for the Input or is it fine once it is within the attach?

if it is within Attach window no need to give any input.

This worked, Thanks.

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Hi @SaurabhDisawal,

The show window originally worked, however it is showing the window and quickly closing it.

I have put a delay in before I click anything but the delay isn’t working.

Hi @sean.ryan ,

why you want delay before closing it, You want to close that window right?

If you want that it should appear for more time, just increase the delay time before clicking it for which you can either use delay activity or in click activity property itself you can provide delay before time in milliseconds.