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Just wanna ask, if you put your unattached browser activities selectors. Is it necessary to remove the headers of a selector if you put your activities to an attached browser? ex case:

< html url=‘Home’ />
< webctrl parentid=‘LeftMenu1_tabs’ tableRow=‘2’ tag=‘A’ />

should i remove the header “< html url=‘Home’ />” tag? or should i just leave it there?

You can just leave it like that.
Even if you have a full selector, attach browser considers partial selectors.

Karthik Byggari

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Hi @Jay_Lord_Abueva

As per my knowledge, we do not need to remove the header once you put the activities inside the attach browser activity. It will automatically pick the header and consider it as the partial selector from the attach browser and lock it in. I have come across this scenario where I had some activities which I later included in a attach browser activity. However, I never changed the selectors to remove the header and it worked fine without any change…

So I think it should be ok to leave it as it is and leave for the studio to take care of it :slight_smile:

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