Attach Browser running slow - UiPath ReFrameWork

Hi All,

I am facing issue of slowness in the processing using Attach Browser while using REFramework. Flow of the application:

  1. Init All Apps - Open the browser & apply various filters on the page.
  2. Transaction - Read Excel & store in DataTable (Not using queues as preparing demo without Orchestrator).
  3. Process - Workflow with AttachBrowser & further action on the page that was opened earlier.

is there a wait time for AttachBrowser or any way to improve performance? Any other way to do this without attachbrowser?

Log Snippet:
12:17:20.3837 Info {“message”:“Processing Transaction Number: 2”,“level”:“Information”,“logType”:“User”,
12:17:20.4046 Info {“message”:“Inside process”,“level”:“Information”,“logType”:“User”,
12:17:20.4046 Info {“message”:“Download content”,“level”:“Information”,“logType”:“User”,“timeStamp”:"2020-10-15T12:17:20.4175867+08:00
12:18:01.1554 Info {“message”:“StartTime 12:17 EndTime 12:18 Time Elapsed: 00:00:40.7491667”,“level”:


Just to add more details:
Well in the process -> it halts for some 15-20 seconds before acting on the screen again.
In that attach browser first activity is element exist. Once it starts the process it is done pretty fast.