Attach Browser running slow - UiPath ReFrameWork

Hi All,

I am facing issue of slowness in the processing using Attach Browser while using REFramework. Flow of the application:

  1. Init All Apps - Open the browser & apply various filters on the page.
  2. Transaction - Read Excel & store in DataTable (Not using queues as preparing demo without Orchestrator).
  3. Process - Workflow with AttachBrowser & further action on the page that was opened earlier.

is there a wait time for AttachBrowser or any way to improve performance? Any other way to do this without attachbrowser?

Log Snippet:
12:17:20.3837 Info {“message”:“Processing Transaction Number: 2”,“level”:“Information”,“logType”:“User”,
12:17:20.4046 Info {“message”:“Inside process”,“level”:“Information”,“logType”:“User”,
12:17:20.4046 Info {“message”:“Download content”,“level”:“Information”,“logType”:“User”,“timeStamp”:"2020-10-15T12:17:20.4175867+08:00
12:18:01.1554 Info {“message”:“StartTime 12:17 EndTime 12:18 Time Elapsed: 00:00:40.7491667”,“level”:


Just to add more details:
Well in the process → it halts for some 15-20 seconds before acting on the screen again.
In that attach browser first activity is element exist. Once it starts the process it is done pretty fast.

Element exists default Timeout is 30 sec, which makes little sense for this activity. I usually set it to 1-3 sec, unless the website loads a huge chunk of javascript then maybe wait more.