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what is the difference between open browser and navigate to browser?


Navigate To: Navigates the browser to a given URL.

Can you please check this link for Navigate to Activity

Open Browser: A container that enables you to open a browser at a specified URL and execute multiple activities within it.
Can you please check this link for Open Browser :


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Hi @Animesh_Sarma,

open browser opens the browser with the provided url or can be said that it first opens up the browser then go to the provided url
navigate to with attach browser” can work like open browser that technically means navigate to needs a container to work and
in simple words I’d answer this question with another question i.e. “without a browser already open how just the url can be use to go to certain website ?”

hope it helps

Hi @Animesh_Sarma

Open Browser:
1.Opens browser with a specific URL.
2.Opens browser without URL(pass empty string to avoid errors).

Navigate To:
1.Navigate browser to specific URL when used with attach browser or open browser.
2.Navigate browser to specific URL when open browser or attach browser is given as input.

@Animesh_Sarma So, 3 replies with the exact same solution. Please pick your favorite and select the one that solved it the best for you :slight_smile:

Edit, I want to join as well with the shortest answer:

Open browser:Opens a browser
Navigate to: Navigates to an URL in an opened browser

Hope this helps

Buddy @Animesh_Sarma,

Firstly thats an amazing question…Great

Before getting to my points i would like to let you know about what UiPath tells

1.Navigate to

2. Open Browser

Well of-course UiPath Gives us the best description, but here are my points that makes them different in approach, some in words,

Properties Navigate To Open Browser
Input 1 Name URL of a webpage URL of a webpage
Input 1 datatype String String
Input 2 Name Browser Browser type
Input 2 datatype UiPath.Core.Browser picked from dropdown
Output No output Variable Output variable is of type UiPath.Core.Browser
Hidden Browser Doesn’t open hidden browser Open hidden browsers (Running in background)
New Browser window Starts a new session of the browser specified Starts a new session of the browser specified
Container It doesn’t act as a container with full selector, with activities inside of partial selectors It acts as a container with full selectors and can have activities inside the container with partial selectors

Hope this would help you

Cheers buddy

@Palaniyappan Hi,
Is it a amazing question? I personally think this should not belong here.
You can get the answers to the question by just looking at the name, trying it out, or do basic research on the internet.

If people try to investigate a little, or just try it out the the problem in studio, the answer will be clear.

Im not trying to discourage people from asking questions, but i do encourage people to be more auto-didactic instead of having simple questions spoon fed to them.

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