Assistant conection failed - UiPath Robot Error - VPN


I have a problem when connecting from VPN when I am working remotely, my assistant cannot connect to orchestrator with the following error “Connection failed”, but when I am connected in the office it works good.

I have checked that with the VPN connection I can reach and see the orchestrator URL and it works good but my UiPath Studio and Assistant are not connected.

  • UiPath Studio with “Robot error” message and a red circle problem
  • Assistant not connected and a red circle problem “Connection failed”
  • But with my VPN I can reach correctly the orchestrator URL.

I do not kow what is the problem and how to solve it. This is a problem for me because I couldn’t work remotely. Could you help me please?

Have good day!


Try to signing out of UiPath Assistant and then logging back in. It will fix the “Robot Error” problem.

I still have the problem but maybe could be some permissions with VPN.
Thank you!

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