Assignments in RPA developer foundation course on UiPath Academy

Where can I find the assignments in the RPA develop foundation course on uipath academy please someone help and let me know how to know it there are any assignments in this course and how to navigate to that assignment section in that course where do you find it?
Thank in advance.

ASSIGNMENTS course have been changed to Re Framework deep drive

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So there are no assignments in RPA developer course now right?

No you will have assignments

Where are the assignments but in that course that is what I am searching for actually!! I did not find any assignment in that course so I want to know where are the assignments in that course?

Assignments will be in the ReFramework Deep Drive course

Hi please see this attached screenshots of the course I’m talking about and let me know that are there any assignment in those or not as I found no assignments in it so…Please help

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In second screen shot robotic enterprise Deep drive

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ok so only in that 1 course right nowhere else more right?

I found only these two assignments as attache below screenshots but they are in RPA developer Advanced course having course robotic enterprise deep dive. Apart from these two I found no other assignment can you please share me screensot of the other assignments if you have found it please and also please tell me how to navigate to that assignments if there are any apart from these two.


That two assignments only


ok so there are only these two assignments right? no other assignment is present in course apart from these?

yes there are only two assignments

ok thanks for the information.

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