What are the courses to be done for rpa advance certified in this month?

I have done upto level 2 but now it seems i have to restart again


Hello @Swagasmini_Jena,
If you’re talking about taking the legacy RPA Developer Advanced certification (free until April 30, valid till April 30 2021) then you’ll at least need to study up on Levels 1-2 on the academy for the quiz and Level 3 for the practical exam.

I’m aware of the recent academy changes, so here are the equivalent courses:

  • Levels 1&2 although they are retired courses, their equivalent are now part of the RPA Developer Foundation learning plan.
  • Level 3 is now called Robotic Enterprise Framework Deep Dive (part of the RPA Developer Advance learning plan).

Now, you don’t necessarily need to complete these academy courses in order to be eligible to take the certification, but these courses would really be beneficial in helping you pass easily.

Here are some additional documentations regarding the latest academy updates:

Hope I was able to help you out with your question. Happy learning and good luck with your certification :vulcan_salute:


can you send me the links

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Hello @Swagasmini_Jena, can you please specify which links you’re pertaining to?

Level 3 is now called Robotic Enterprise Framework Deep Dive**

I cannot able find out Level 2 even i had done in 2018 version. do i have to do it again? sir

Yes some of the courses you have to from starting


  • The “Robotic Enterprise Framework Deep Dive” course can be found in the same UiPath Academy under the learning plan: RPA Developer Advanced

  • The course level 2 Orchestrator has already been retired from the academy, meaning you will no longer be able to access it. But, it does not mean that your progress is lost.
    Please check the academy learning plan RPA Developer foundation and see the course titled: “Orchestrator for Developers”. Your previous level 2 progress should be reflected there.

Also, check the hyperlinks I sent in my earlier post. There are helpful pdf links regarding the recent academy changes in each bullet point.

Hopefully I was able to answer your questions. I’d be glad to help if you should need further clarifications.

Happy learning, stay safe and healthy! :vulcan_salute:

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