Advanced Developer Training Program


I want to do the Advanced Developer Training Program. I would like to know the course details.

Here are some of the questions I wanted to know:

  1. When the program is going to start?
  2. How do I enroll for the program?
  3. How long the training period is for?
  4. How long the free trail program is for?

I may have more questions based on your answers. I appreciate if you contact me as soon as possible

Do you mean the “RPA Developer Advanced” Training in the academy?
(aka Robotic Enterprise Framework Deep Dive)

Yes, I would like to attend the training program for RPA Developer Advanced Training.
Could you please send me the training program details.

Just follow the link he posted above for details, you can take the course whenever it suits you.

I could find 47 courses. Out of which, i found these three courses which are likely relevant to my course.

  • Introduction to the RPA role
  • RPA starter
  • UI path RPA platforms
    However, I’m not sure whether these three are relevant to my program. (RPA Advanced Developer Training Program).
    Could anyone please help me out with this?
    Also, communicating through mail is a time taking process. I would appreciate if anyone calls me at +1 5715994991.

I found the material for the Advanced Developer. However, I couldn’t find the training program details.