Assignment 2 workflow using queue and re-framework

Hi Guys

I sucessfuly completed assignment1 and 2. Assignment 2 was a challege, but I managed to complete it. However I could not stick to the walkthrough created to guide with assignment 2 using the orchestrator queue to help speed up the processing of WI4 work items. I managed to obtain the full walkthrough of assignment after submitting my assignment. However it did not help. I did get 100/100 for assignment 2 but I didnt use the queue. I instead used a for each loop to cycle through the WIID items and carry out the process to get upload code and update the work item that way.
However I would like to know how to make the assignment using the walkthrough. Is there anyone that followed the walkthrough and created the assignment using it. That is willing to let me see there workflow please. Its a shame that UiPath does not share the solution file. It’s just am curious why mine is not working. I would share my workflow. But like an idiot I did not keep a backup copy of my preformer for assignment and made the changes it. So basically for my solution to assignment 2, I did not use the re-framework. I used a series of sequences to carry out the processes making it easier to understand and groups both project into one. But I reliase that having them separate it good because it speeds up the taks of execution which can take a while.

Thanks in advance.

Proof of completion:


Hi @bobby,
Please take a look here:

Maybe some information from there will help you.