Adv.Assignment 1 - github OR the ReFramework in new studio version 3.0?!

Now that community edition 3.0 has launched should we be using the ReFramework Template in Studio instead of downloading from GitHub? Would anything else be needed from the Github location?


Ask me, i am using the one from the Studio.
And its the same in both the places as the team is keeping it all in sync (looking at the updates happening there)

You do not require anything else if you are downloading it from GitHub

@loginerror correct me if im giving out wrong ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

Great, thanks! Wasn’t sure if they were tied together or not.

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actually there are some discrepancies between the video and the actual framework…which is throwing me off. For instance: There’s no “If JobFailed, throw Exception” condition in the End Process state

Tell me what changes, allow me to explain the difference if any

Videos may be a little old :slight_smile:

no worries…I’ll ignore that little piece of info. I’m not sure if I need two “get transaction” states or I’m supposed to add the Read range sequence into the get transaction state and/or replace the initial queue items with it. I just scrapped what I had and am starting over.

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Well there are improvements and changes to the framework to help evolve so there will be some differences from the video and the one right now.

And that section is fine, just explicit use of error handling :slight_smile: