UIPath Assignment 2 - Help Needed in Upload Yearly Report XAML

Hi Friends, I have completed Assignment 1 and I’m facing an issue in assignment 2. I have come till uploading yearly reports and I’m stuck when my bot tries to type in the path where the yearly report is to be picked from. Can someone help me with the selector for the typeinto activity while uploading. Somehow I did not face this issue while downloading monthly reports.

The file name remains empty and the choose file window is still open, but the executor goes 2 steps ahead to get Upload Confirmation Id step and errors out saying it is not able to locate the selector.

Probably I’m missing something very simple and is not hitting my mind. Please help!!

Try to use an ‘Attach Window’ for the Upload Dialog and then use partial selector. Try adding a ‘Delay’ for couple of seconds before the ‘Type Into’ activity of the Window.

Also try adding a ‘Highlight’ activity right above the ‘Type Into’ to check if the selector is pointing to the correct element in run time.

Let me know if it helps.

Rammohan B.

Thanks Ram!! Attach Window solution worked!!

Attach Window was there already but had put it in a wrong place. Corrected it and my bot started working!! Many Thanks for your help!!

Submitted my assignment and passed too! :slight_smile:

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