Assignment 2 selecting drop down item

in ui path assignment 2 we have to select year and month from the drop down box using its we have to replace the aaname value with a variable. bt it doesnt work this is the selector i got from ui explorer

this is the selector I’ve used for the click activity.

how can i select an item from a drop down.need your help.

Well i hope the whole thing is in one line, if not remove the newline and make it.
Second, you only may need the aaname, type and parentid attributes. rest you can remove.

Hope it solves your problem.

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Should look something like this

"<html title='ACME System 1 - Reports - Download Monthly Report' /><webctrl aaname='"+in_Year+"' parentid='searchForm' tag='A' />"

Let me know if it solves your problem

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@nadim.warsi error was corrected. but it isn’t working . when i run the the process it does nothing and ended the process

what is happening?
What is the log showing?

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problem solved i didn’t checked the simulate click checkbox.thank you so much for you help

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Perfect. :slight_smile:

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@nadim.warsi another problem there are rwo drop downs but both are having same selectors
what shouldi do??

I have responded in the other thread, please try and keep to one thread so the forums are “cleaner” :slight_smile:

it wont be same since you have months and year

but it doesn’t recognize the element.

Which action are you using for this? Click to open the drop down then another click to select the option you want? As you might be confusing it by parsing through your month variable as the aaname of the element, which could be fixed?

I see this issue happening now and then when we are trying to use the selector for the drop down.
Your selector is wrong.

It should not be tag=‘Button’ rather tag=‘A’

change that and it will work. :slight_smile:

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