Assignment 2 - Can't get the year dropdown to populate

Ok, this should be simple but it’s frustrating. I have the following selector:

and in_year value is 2017. When I run it I get


The only thing I changed was the Aaname = value.

Hi @Will_Tyler,

It seem like selector is incorrect, please use uiexplorer to get the exact selector.

Arivu :slight_smile:

I did use UiExplorer. Here’s the original selector when I click on the button:


I have to go into UiExplorer to get this one:

But that’s not selectable. According to the walkthrough that’s what it should be though.

Hi @Will_Tyler,

See the uiexplorer
aaname is … 2016 2017,
So try to use aaname='*2017*'


Nothing happens. The dropdown remains in the same state.

Ok, I found the issue. I have to click the dropdown box then do another click activity on the dropdown list. This will allow me to pass the variable to select.