Selct drop down item using selector

in ui path assignment 2 we have to select year and month from the drop down box using its we have to replace the aaname value with a variable. bt it doesnt work this is the selector i got from ui explorer

this is the selector I’ve used for the click activity.

how can i select an item from a drop down.need your help.

Have you selected “SimulateClick” option in the properties panel. With simulate click you can select the invisible values.

Karthik Byggari


oh i forgot thank you so much .

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@KarthikByggari i have another problem , there are two drop down boxes but both of em are having same selctors what should i do?
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I can’t remember what I did for this, but definitely check to make sure they don’t have a difference somewhere, as they likely will. Otherwise this is an “Acme test” and there are likely a few ways round this, one option being to use an anchor to denote where the selector should be?

@Alex_Cross thank you for replying , i dont have any idea about how to work with an anchor. can you explain it or any other solutions?

If you use the “Anchor Base” activity, then “Find Element” on the left, you can use that to set the Anchor to Month, or Year, above the boxes. Then on the right you can use click/select from dropdown etc

Hope that helps


What selector are you using?

I understand that you have issues as you proceed brother. We all have been through it.

Can you search the forum before you post? lot of these development bits have been asked and have already been solved and if you still dont find a common thread you can create a new thread then post in the same thread, easy for you and for us and the Community users :slight_smile:

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