Assignment 2 report

generate yearly report assignment 2

can anyone please guide to get rid of selector issues in (navigateUploadYewarlyreport)click button

@shanmathi_krishnasam may i know where you’re getting error.if possible share screenshot

@shanmathi_krishnasam you can go through Uiexplore and check the selector,but the for that i would suggest you to go through with navigate activity for navigate activity pass the reports url it will take you easily.let me know if any thing goes wrong.

Hi @shanmathi_krishnasam after login into the acme what you are trying to do and if possible place selector here and cross check once selector if it is changing try to build dynamic selector.

Hi @shanmathi_krishnasam it seems the selector that using incomplete try to get the selector from the ui explorer.

Hi @shanmathi_krishnasam,

Remove stimulate click check box
Wait for ready make it as complete

@shanmathi_krishnasam can you please show the screenshot of your coding. Report Button has two submenus. you have to click one of this once you click Report Button.

@shanmathi_krishnasam make sure you program run correctly. also, clear all Queueitems before you run the program. Once you executed your workflow before upload check your ACME system whether all WI5 Items changed to completed.

all have changed to comleted,but why my score??

have you upload the hash code correctly. also don’t reset ACME until get evaluated.

@Theepan i havent reset and all hash codes are correctly uploaded

can you please share your xaml file as personal message. i will look into it.

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