Assignment 2 - Level 3

Can anyone tell me which process is meant by this sentence?

I am not quite sure if they want it to be in “Process.xaml” or in “Process Transaction”.


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It is the Process.xaml.
It is just explaining that the Process.xaml is invoked in the Process Transaction state.
And the Process.xaml is really not inside the framework folder. I think it is a mistake in the documentation :slight_smile:


Buddy @Blerton_Ismaili

in Reframework we have many xaml files been used in different state in the workflow, where Process.xaml refers to a workflow which is used in a Process Transaction State,
so here Process.xaml is a file in framework folder in the workflow and
Process Transaction is a state in the design where this Process.xaml is used buddy
and so the below mentioned activities like click, on element appear, and the variables- all are there in the Process.xaml buddy inside the Process Transaction state


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