Hi All,

I have a question…

Where does the REFramework call SetTransactionStatus.xaml??? I cannot find it ANYWHERE!

Thankfully my projects a running fine and it must be getting called somewhere but one day that will come back to bite me if I don’t figure it out now.


Hi @jmart85,

SetTransactionStatus.xaml is used within the Process Transaction STATE (not the Process workflow)…You can find it in the FINALLY block of the try-catch surrounding that state.

There it is! I don’t know why I couldn’t find that. Thanks siddarth!

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I’m not sure,

  • If you’re using a older version please recreate the workflow.
  • If you’ve downloaded it from github, please create by own.


Its there in the old one as well

  1. Open this state:

  2. Then expan the Finally section:

@jmart85 glad I could be of help. :slight_smile:

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