Level 3 Assignment 2 - Process.xaml location

Hi I am currently working on the second assignment in Level 3. I have an issues in that on page 3 it states that:

Open the Process.xaml file in the Framework folder

The issue is that I do not have a process.xaml file in the Framework folder, do I need to create one or is there a problem?

Hi @peterw77
The Process.xaml is located in the root of the RE Framework folder structure.
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if you download the correct REF (Robotic Enterprise Framework), the process.xaml should be in there.

here i attach the full REF that you can use: !!ReFrameWork-master.zip (41.2 KB)

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@peterw77 you can find it inside the ReFrameWork-Master Folder Capture

Thanks everyone.

I just wanted to make sure. I know that there is a process.xaml inn the REFramework folder but the document/guidance says in the framework folder, which makes it appear to be in the subfolder.

Perhaps this would be something that needs clarification in the guidance.