Assignment 2: Issue in Create Yearly Report Workflow

My CreateYearlyReport Workflow is crashing again and again when it is running i didn’t understand where the issue is.Kindly Tell me the solution for it.
System1_CreateYearlyReport.xaml (32.9 KB)

what error you were getting and which activity buddy,
kindly provide that details that could help us go in a right direction
Cheers @madi_shah

In the createYearlyReport Activity my project crashes. When My Rebort clicks on save as button. but mostly my robot runs first time smoothly and second or third time it crashes.

I attach Create Yearly Report file kindly check it Where the issue is.

so you were able to run at first time, then there is no issue with the process been developed fine
–where it gets crashed in the second or third time when the process is executed
Cheers @madi_shah

Yes Exactly.

Kindly Suggest me solution.

at what stage it is getting crashed buddy , while running for second or third time

2nd time but sometime it clears second step and crashes on third step.

what is the step, i.e., activity used at that step buddy

The bot clicks on Save as button A Window opens it write the file name that is going to save in Data\Temp Folder First time it saves and again when the browser refreshes and it put values again into the Form It But when bot clicks Workflow crashes.

did you find any error in it?

were getting crashed while trying to save .csv file as here

Cheers @madi_shah

I Think there problem is in Report File path

Hi there. Did you manage to solve this issue. If yes kindly help me on this. Im facing the same issue as well. Stuck for days here.