Assignment 2 - Dispatcher (Processing Transaction 1 in a continuous loop) Any help Appreciated

Please see my attached files for any clues that can help me with this.GetTransactionData.xaml (12.5 KB)
SetTransactionStatus.xaml (51.4 KB)
Main.xaml (52.7 KB)
Process.xaml (12.1 KB)

Hi @RickStar

I went through your files. So looks like there are some errors in your files which you need to correct.
Since dispatcher does not get data from a queue, we have to remove few items in these sequences. For example: Below has to be removed

Additionally, In your GetTransactionData you check whether the next page is available, which is fine… But you actually have to click on that page number button to load that page becfore scraping data in the Process.xaml. You have the data scraping part in process.xaml, but clickin on the next page is not there in the same file.

So you have to have a click activity to load the next page in process.xaml before the on element appear activity.

It should work once you do these changes :slight_smile:


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