Assignment 1 - Failing to navigate to Work Item Details

First three times it worked fine. Then after, it is entering in to Process.xaml but failing to navigate to Work Item Details. How can i fix this?
In the image, the url to work item is wrong… I logged that … its my logging mistake… Ignore that line.

After entering process, failing to navigating to work item details, closing the browser and it trying again.

Write line the WIID that you are getting all of them

I am getting the WIID. It seems the problem is with locating the browser. I mean it is failing to locate the browser

Have a message box inside Attach Browser and check

in process workflow increment the transaction number by 1 in sucess section

When I am trying to execute navigate to work item url formed is

may i know why is that hppening

@ShibaK check your in_Wiid.tostring what kind of value its getting and how its getting that value.Use a write line to check it

@ravisangam did you get a solution for this. Am stuck for quite some time.