Assigning list into string and inserting into web application


Output should come like this :

but it’s coming on web application in a single line like below
using (Environment.Newline) even though

Can anybody help on this one:


For now, can you try to update to the latest UiAutomation.activites package?
If it doesn’t work, can you share your settings in details such as input method etc.


currently i am using 20.10.8 for UI.Automation activities which version should i need to install ?


For now, can you try the latest stable 21.10.5?


okie , let me try and update you on this …

Try VbCrLf instead of Environment.NewLine

I have used VbCrLf and also updated the package and it worked .

Thanks for the help.

Cheers !!

For clarification, carriage return and line feed are two different things. Typically a line always has both at the end, not just a line feed. This harkens back to the typewriter days when the two were separate things. So VbCrLf has both the carriage return and line feed together in one value.

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