How to turn into new line in Activity[comment]

Maybe this problem is not very important and a little simple, please forgive me .
The commnet I write use activity[commnet] is hard to turn into a new line.It seems not very clear if I want to write a long commnet.I can’t find out the answer by myself


No Worries
we can include

this will add a new line between those two strings
hope this would help you
Cheers @LeoGao

Sorry,it doesn’t work. What 's wrong with me:worried:

I wonder that should work actually
Even I referred now for some other related posts

Hmm may I know what was the error we were facing or can we try using this expression in a write line activity and check for the output in the output panel
Kindly share that screenshot as well

Cheers @LeoGao

In [Write Line ],it can work actually,output expression is Text(String),we need add quotation on both sides.
In [Comment ],it’s already String,we only need type the text without quotation.
So Environment.NewLine is inappropriate here,it’s the core of the problem.
But this method I really didn’t know before,thank yo for your help.
cheers @Palaniyappan

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Cheers @LeoGao

Yah if it’s a variable then we don’t need to mention them between double quotes
But if it’s a string literal then we need to mention them between double quotes
That’s what even I suggested here


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