Environment.NewLine didn't works in body email


I use String.Join(Environment.NewLine,MyVariable) to separate data in new line. it works when I test using Write Line.

unfortunately, when i call the variable in body email, my data shows in one single line

I need the data in separate line as well. Can someone help me?

Many thanks.


How did you check your content?
If you use HTML mail, can you try to use "<br />" instead of ENvironment.NewLine?


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Thank you. Solved. :smiley:

I am always getting confuse to use join method Yoichi can you please explain how to use this in more convenient way and what type of problem can we solve using this ? I have check documentio n but not clear can you explain with some easy and complex scenario.

Appreciate you.

what type of value in Vlist variable can you please share any screenshot.

this is the value in VList

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