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I try to type into a few lines of text into a web input box, and I have stored the text into a text variable. When I use WriteLine Activity to test the text variable, all the lines are shown correctly. But when I use Type Into Activity to write the text into the web text box, all the lines are appended together.

Is there a way to keep the text in its original separated lines ?


Hi @Snowman,

How you want the text to be printed in type into and how it is printed can you provide both screenshots.

For example:

In the string variable, it is
“I am a boy
She is a girl”

But when using type into, the web input box show:
I am a boyShe is a girl


If you want to input to TextArea on IE11 with TypeInto Simulate Type method, you need to replace CR+LF with ‘\n’.


In type Into, try like this: “laxman”+vbcrlf+"ganta"

here, vbcrlf is for going to next line

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Shall I first replace all CR+LF from my string variable with ‘\n’ first ?

As I have many lines, can I use string.Replace or I have to use Regex ?

Use Regular expression


Where content has the output of above write line screenshot

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You can use string.Replace as follows:


Dear both,

Thanks a lot, and much appreciated your prompt advice.

Will check them out.


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Dear both,

I tried both your methods choosing “Simulate Type”, but both don’t work.

But when I choose SendWindowMessages, both works.



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