Unable to create tikcet in jira using jira activities


i am using jira activities and truing to create tikcet .
below is the information i need to update for tikcet
trying to get issue id and proejct id using extarct id and passing that in add issue.
but when i am startiing automation is is not able to write project id and not going ahead i waited for 5 mins but robot is was runing only not retrieving any value.

what will be the possible cause?
help me on same.

above issue solved after providing project id for project and issue as id instaed value but now showing error for work order as work order is already provided


issue resolved as need to use work order with like below
“value”: “ServiceNow for ADM User management”
in json instead of custom activities like add issue.
add issue not able to create tikcet because work order in my jsd is dropdown field.
so did post http call with json

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