Assign : Cannot find column [Type]

I am getting below error in Assign activity.

Please help me on this.

More details are going to be needed, what are you trying to assign? For example, are you trying to assign a value from a column of a datatable? Also, if you are going to provide a screenshot of the error I’d suggest expanding the details first as it will be more useful.

Hi Tyler,

I have scraped the data table from web page and trying to filter the data table.

I checked Selector also.

@p_priya Give some space after open like this 'open '. And check it once.

What is the data type of the variable WIList?
Please make sure it is DataRow.

No “Type” column in your datatable.

Please, check column names.

something like this:

Log Message (string.Join(“,”, ExtractDataTable.Columns.Cast(Of Datacolumn).Select(Function(x) x.ColumnName)))

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Data type is DataRow.

please check your data scrapping works in first place…?

you can use datatable.rows.count…

I want to get column name from my datatable by using datatable.Columns(column_name) but its datatype is integer, What should I do ?

If you already know column_name than no reason to try it confirm through your example. Usually, its opposite situation you know index of column and try to get ColumnName. For this purpose DataColumn has property ColumnName. If your datatable variable dt. Than

foreach (datacolumn col in dt.Columns)

give you all column names in datatable

The solution that fixed this for me was to make sure to not use copy paste! My " " and ’ ’ characters were not being recognized by Studio. Type in your code manually that was replied to above.


Hi Priya,

Is this issue solved…

Hi Priya,
How were you able to solve this issue?