Level 3 Academy - Cannot assign from type 'System.Data.DataRow[]' to type 'System.Data.DataRow' in Assign activity 'Assign'

Hello all,

I am going again with my brother thought UiPath academy 3 but now I have new studio 2018.3

The issue is when assigning DataTable to data row in Navigate to Workitems it shows me an error.

Error is:

Cannot assign from type ‘System.Data.DataRow’ to type ‘System.Data.DataRow’ in Assign activity ‘Assign’.


Can somebody explain to me what is the problem here? Is it maybe something with activities?

In assign, both the sides should have same variable type. Here left side it is array of datarow, right side it is datarow.

You need to use for each row of ExtractDataTable to get each row as datarow.

in variable column change datatype to Array of datarow, it shuold work


You should use WIList variable type as DataRow[] not as DataRow because DataTable.Select statement would give you array ot Data rows


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Thank you

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