Assignment 1 errors

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I have some errors on assignment one, I would like to get some feedback. I will add the info bellow (since there will be more that one).

This are the one’s that I dind’t get an answer based on previous opened opened topics by other members.

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This issue is in Main > Init (state)
When using the assign activity WIList = dt_WIs.Select(“Type=‘WI5’ AND Status=‘Open’”)

It should have to do with the variables type.
I have datatable for both of them (based on the previous indications)?

Hi @iwishikn

WiList should be a datarow[] meaning an array of datarows, to choose this type of variable change it to array of [T] and in the popup choose browse and search for datarow.

I didn’t transform WiList to DataTable when I was doing my Assignment 1 because you want to have an array of datarows which makes it easier to access each transactionItem.




The result of ‘Select’ method will be an array of datarows. So you can either change the variable type of ‘WIList’ to 'System.Data.Datarow[] ’ or convert the datarow array to datatable.

That is, assign WIList = dt_WIs.Select(“Type=‘WI5’ AND Status=‘Open’”).CopyToDataTable

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Thank you. Good explanation :slight_smile: but I have a compilation error saying that ‘No Select Method is available’ for this type. This seems related more with in/out arguments honestly. This variable is obtained in the datatable_extract process (data scrapping sequence). The output from the scrapping is a datatable. But I also have an assignment there… something seems odd here