Asset "missing" when publishing to cloud orchestrator

I’m using the REFramework and have 10 assets listed in the “Assets” tab of the Config.xlsx file. When upgrading the package, Orchestrator says the asset row(“Asset”).toString is missing. I’m also unable to install the package to Assistant, receiving an error “failed to install package”. Do I have to hardcode all 10 assets using 10 different “Get Asset” activities? That would be a pain.

It’s just because it doesn’t have a value for row so it can’t figure out if the Asset exists, and of course there’s no Asset literally named row(“Asset”).ToString

Ignore it. It’s meaningless.

However, you shouldn’t be doing Get Asset for an Asset that’s in the Config file. It automatically reads those for you (that’s the point to the Assets sheet) and puts them into the Config dictionary.

Thanks. I was referring to that exact section where it loops through the assets. Sounds like I can leave as-is, and my issue with installing the package is unrelated to the dynamic asset retrieval.

Errors when trying to install packages are usually because there is a firewall or other restriction preventing access to the online repository.

I’m getting dependency conflicts with my Azure package, which might be the problem. Using the newest version of Azure gives strange errors, and downgrading a few versions gives me a dependency conflict. I’m guessing that’s the issue with installing to Assistant since I was able to install another test process to the same assistant.

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