REFramework UiDemo Walkthrough Issues

I am using the Orchestrator for all of the data including the local filepaths, but I cannot seem to get the program to work.

Here’s my Config file for reference.
Config.xlsx (21.1 KB)

I am having two issues, first the Demo opens, logs in, then closes. I set a breakpoint in InitAllSettings at the Get Asset Value Activity, and I get the Asset Name cannot be null or empty.

The second issue comes when I try to run the Main.xaml file. It seems like it isn’t reading in any transaction data from the orchestrator queue.

In the Assets tab, you have a description with nothing next to it. Delete this row if you do not plan to use it.

That fixed my first issue, but I am still the Get Transaction Item Error.

Make sure you have the queue defined in Orchestrator, and that you’re passing the exact same name of that queue to the Get Transaction Item activity.

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