Set Asset( Credential) "AssetName" is unavailable


The issue is when I have an asset (value or credential) with a Global Value, i’m able to Get and Set without an issue from any user/robot with authority for it.

When I add a user for a specific user credential, i’m able to Get and so is the user but anyone using the Global asset is no longer able to set the asset.

Set Asset: The asset 'Test' is unavailable

To be clear, this only happens to any user/bot accessing the Global value, the user is able to change their user defined without any errors.

I have Orchestrator 2021.10.1 (on Premise) and using the Studio 2021.10.4. And this is set at a modern folder.

Anyone has encountered this issue and know if this is a setting somewhere that stops allowing set to Global after you add users?



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Check whether this option is enabled with Add robot asset value
Which actually Enables you to add specific asset values on a per account or per account-machine basis.
In your case check with

Per account means value is received only by the specified account. If Global Value is disabled, at least one per-account value must be provided.

Per machine means value is received only by the specified account-machine pair. When specifying account-machine pairs, make sure they are valid i.e., the configured account-machine mappings in the tenant or folder do not exclude them, otherwise job execution is not possible on that pair, hence the asset does nothing.

So in short

  1. Check with option Add robot asset value
  2. Check with folder level in which folder Wuxi asset is included and whether robot is in same machine

Cheers @jeffsilva

Hi Palaniyappan,

Thank you for the quick response, and yes the Add Robot Asset Value is enabled, and so is Global Value, here’s a screenshot of a test credential asset:

In this screenshot Jamal is able to get and set his password without a problem, me on the other hand I was able to set the Global Value, but no longer am since adding a user/robot specific asset value.

In the documentation is says that it is the default asset value unless one is assigned to the user, but doesn’t speak of any issues with setting the global value for the asset, for those accessing it.

Managing Assets in Orchestrator (

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Did we check with the folder level
See from studio as well like to which folder it is trying access it’s entities


Yes I did, and checked permissions too.

Here’s the steps that can be duplicated:

  1. Create an asset with a global value
  2. Get Value from Asset
  3. Set Value with another value
  4. Add a user/account assigned value to the asset
  5. Get Value from Asset - from a non-user assigned
  6. Set Value with another value - from a non-user assigned (ERROR)

Hope this helps.

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I m just wondering where we are missing

Does that non user has edit permissions for assets


Yes he does, and in step 3 he was able to set it just fine. The only change was the adding of the user.

Maybe this is a bug, and such a unique situation that has not commonly been identified. I’ll have to put a support ticket in.


I’m running into the same issue at the moment.

Have you received a reaction to your support ticket?

Is this indeed a bug or am I missing something?