Asset - Copy selected assets from One Orchestrator URL to another Orch URL

I have multiple assets created in a test Orchestrator URL. I require to copy or create the selected assets into another Orchestrator URL.
Do we have any facility to download the assets and upload in bulk in another URL

Not at present as far as I know. I did this using Excel. I exported all of the assets to a sheet in Excel, created a SQL Script using some formulae such as "INSERT INTO dbo.AssetValues VALUES " + A1 (you get the idea…)

I think there is probably a better way of doing this but I was under time constraints. The optimal way would be to export the values to a file and then create a new table in the new database by doing CREATE TABLE as SELECT * from file - but this didn’t work as well as I’d expected it should.

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Just curious since I might also need this, can’t we just copy the table to new database from old one(import/export wizard may be)? Then append records to the existing table or keep the new one?

I tried with the Import Export Wizard but was getting loads of errors so due to time constraints I just used Excel (took about an hour tops). @qateam we do need an easier way of moving assets/credentials from one environment to another please.

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thanks I will try excel approach. ALso we need to analyse from server side if we can get the table name which handles the assets we can use scripts

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Moved to User Voice - Ideas - may already be an idea but the import / export function for assets is really important in my opinion.


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Hi Richard,

I have 2 orchestrator URL’S of each of version 2017 and 2018 , and now i wanted to replicate all my assets from version 2017 to 2018 .As there are some 400+ assets…if i do it manually it would take a lot of time…so can anyone help me with a solution .

Thanks in Advance …!