Asset Caching!

Hey Team,

Good day.

This may be too much to ask for, but just thinking would be a great addition.

Let’s say we have many assets involved in an automation, may be around 100.

Whenever the automation is triggered these assets are retrieved again and again.

So just curious to know if that’s possible like some caching and change event listener which will only try to pull assets which got changed on the Orchestrator.

Kindly consider @loginerror @Pablito


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If we are using assets do not pull it for each transaction from Orchestartor which is additional load the orchestrator server and database. Instead of that at Init you can get and hold the values in Config(Dictionary) in that case it is not required to hit every time for each asset.

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Hey @sarathi125

Yep, we are not pulling it for every transaction but only in the init state.

What I mentioned is we may run the automation multiple times and also in multiple number of bots !


You will be happy to hear that we have this for 22.6 release. It’s already implemented and it’s in the final testing.

For get assets/credentials we added a new configuration, cache strategy:

  • none (like today)
  • current execution
  • 24 hours

Awesome :star_struck: Thank you.