Assets Lock in the Orchestrator

Hello Team,

Just looking for an Asset lock feature in the Orchestrator.

We will be having multiple assets in the Orchestrator, but I don’t want to allow users to edit all of them instead a specific assets.

Kindly consider and post your thoughts.

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hi @Nithinkrishna
Currently Assets can only be are segregate by Folders and tenants (Based on your requirement)
If you need to segregate some of asset you can create a folder and put your process and asset into there.

Anyway have to think of some practicality of your scenario its possible or not

Hey yep @Maneesha_de_silva

We are already doing that segregation.

But locking an asset is something different which I’m looking for. Let’s say there is an asset which holds some emails in it and I don’t want any business user to change or update only that particular asset.

That’s where I felt this option would be more useful and we are actually in need for that.


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you are exactly correct , I had this issue on 2020
So here is the reference , i made a suggestion

@loginerror @Pablito I hope you can think it again now :innocent: :blush:

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