Asking How To Indicate Screen on Java Application

Hi All,

please kindly help to solve this issue. how to indicate screen on Java Application.
looks like this, when i try to indicate on Username but the selector select all area not in Username box. pls advise.

Many Thanks.


Did you already install Java extension?


Yes Already… the selector cannot precise to username box since select all area.


The following page might help you, if you haven’t seen it yet.


Hi @Felix,

What is the selector you get when clicking in that whole blue area?
How does the java application starts? Is it an executable, a jar file? What version of Java is it using?

i used click activity, it should only select on username text box, but the selector indicate all.
Yes, it’s executable. this below version of Java

when i check on add remove programs it’s appears the version Java. for this case using Java earlier version

And what is the selector you get if you click the whole window?