Automating JAVA Application

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I am stuck on a situation automating Java Based application.

There is URL Provided to open the application and application open on Java Pluggin Installed on the system.

Problem Statement : Every Selector created weather it is visible on the screen or not but is validated successfully.
For Example : There is a text box on Screen 1 : is validated successfully, now when I move to Screen 2 or Screen 3 or Screen 10 , , selector for text box will still be validated successfully.
Inshort , text box is available in the background.

If any one has experienced such problem please share your experience.

I need to make decision basis some field on the screen but selector is always available.

Hy @aashish.chauhan, welcome to the UiPath Community

First you can try the ‘Repair’ option on the selector, UiPath will try to figure it out on his own the selector. If this do not work, click on the ‘Open Ui Explorer’, also on the selector window. UiPath will display you all components of the selected item it can find so you can create your selector.

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Hi @William_Blech_Sister

Thanks for the quick response.

  1. Repair done
  2. Ui Path Selector gives you options to select from the list. For an Instance : If i select all the available option to create selector and move to different screens , Attribute for the element which is not visible on the screen will still be validated successfully. [I concluded the element once created will always there in background]

For Better understanding :
Say there is a text box on Screen 1 and has ID : VirtualTextbox1
after a transaction is finished
if i see what is the ID of the same Textbox for second transaction will be VirtualTextBox : 104
Same way for third transaction it will be :207

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we encountered in JAVA based applications such scenario more often. In majority of cased the relative visibility attribute of the element or a parent element triggered the Display status. So have a look / analysis on this.

Unfortunately this attribute is not available for selector tags, so we used following pattern:
element exists on the element (or relevant parent)
get Attribute - relativeVisibility and if else forking based on display state

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@William_Blech_Sister @aashish.chauhan i am facing the same issue, do you get the solution for this?
if , yes please help me out

@Palaniyappan Hello Sir , Please Provide Some solution on this.