Ask the user to manually select the range in Excel?

Hello, is there a way to make sure that after the robot opens an excel file, that the user can manually select the column he needs, and retrieve this column in a variable?

Hi @Rems ,

You mean the column which user selected, only bot have to pic the data of that column in data table.

Is this you want to achieve ?

Hi, I mean, I want to find a specific column that contains certain numbers. But this column will not always be in the same place in Excel (it could be in the second column in a first file, then the fifth in a second one…). Also it will not always have the same name.

So I would like that during the execution of the robot asks the user to select the column manually, but I can’t find any activity for that.

Instead of that why don’t you take input from user what are those column and sheet name in input dialog activity.

Yes, I think it’s easier that way. I’ll make the user ask for the name of the sheet and the column, then I’ll Read Range on the sheet, and filter the datatable with the column name.


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