How to select the specific column in the excel?

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I need the select the specific column in an excel.

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we have read cell activity available to read a specific cell @Karan28

Hi @Karan28,
Please have a look here:

Hi @Karan28
Use read range dt

Dt.Select(“column name<>‘’”). copytodatatable ()



If you’re asking how to select an entire column in the Excel workbook, you can use the select range Activity with values in ‘Range’ field like:
A:A (Select column A)
1:15 (Select rows 1 to 15)
A1:B4 (Select from A1 to B4)



—may I know what is been meant behind the term select
Like do we need to need to get a specific column
Do we need to select a specific column in a excel document in foreground of the screen

—fine for the first case we can get the specific column with datatable read from that excel with read range activity followed by a assign activity like this
—if the datatable variable that we obtain from read range is named as outdt
Then in assign activity
Finaldt = outdt.DefaultView.ToTable(False,”yourcolumnname”).CopyToDatatable()

This will the give the column we need

while for the second case we wont be able to select the column we want in specific in the excel with a click activity as it will select the whole table as a element
So its always recommended to get the column values we want with a datatable extracted from that excel

Kindly revert for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Karan28

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Hello Palaniyappan,
In my case I just want to select and column and apply filters and font settings on that.
I need to identify the column with column range and I need to perform many operations in excel
so taking the data in datatabe is not a valid option i guess

what is the data type for finaldt

Its of type datatable @vivekktr

please tell me the full variable type @vivekktr
with default value as New System.Data.Datatable defined in the variable panel

It not accepting that

Hello fellows,

How can we select a dynamic column?
Variable : rowNo= rowNo+1

  • I have used Select Range activity: “C”+rowNo.toString

But, Here I want to make a change in column C => D => E, etc. after every execution.

Is this possible? How can we do this?

Thanks in advanced

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