Read Range - select particular columns

Hi guys ! I have a problem with “Read range” activity. I am trying to copy particular columns from Excel to datatable. The problem is, that there are two columns with the same name and I can’t copy content do DT, because error occurs. So how can I correctly type the range of that into that activity ? I am interested in typing columns from A to AI, because AJ is the second column with the same name and is not necessary for me.

In read range give range as “A:AI”


Thanks, but now is the problem like that:

Close all Excel files first and then Run it
Still getting same error then open Task Manager and End task for All excel application sometimes there are two excel are opend

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Thanks, but there are no opened Excel files, even in task manager

Check all Apps , Background and windows process in Task Manager

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Maybe try reading without setting a range, BUT, remove Add Headers option and ignoring the first row…

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