As soon as reading the data from excel,Image Exist is not working and bot is hanging and it's not throwing any exceptions

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We are facing issue with Excel.

As soon as reading the data from excel bot is not identified image exist in browser

Work flow steps. excel
2.check image exist in browser on browser

If we comment excel flow bot is working end to end.

If un comment bot is hanging as soon as reading the excel template and not throwing an exception as well.

We have tried as soon as reading excel template to click on browser and its working but when we use image exist after reading the excel template not working.

There is no relationship between reading temple and image exist activity in browser …still bot is hanging not throwing any exceptions as well

I have tried giving msg box after reading the template its showing properly as soon as showing msg box bot is not able to find image exist .

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Give some delay in between the excel and image exist activity… Then check

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I seem to remember Read Excel would hang in older versions of the excel activity package. You are using an updated excel package right?

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Also, you might try the Excel Read Range instead of the Workbook Read Range or vice versa.

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Hi @ClaytonM @badita

Thanks for quick response.

Yes, i am using updated version : 2.7.2

Hi @sarathi125

Yes we have tried but there is no luck.

Hi @Naveen.Ch,
Interesting case. Have you tried to kill excel process after reading the data?

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Hi @Pablito

I am not killing the excel process why beacuse for every transaction we have to read the excel file in process.xaml file .and we a have disabled visibility options under properties for excel application scope so it will open in background and it will read the data from template.

As soon as reading we want to check image exit or not if exist it should do some flow else do true flow.

Hope you understand.

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hey @Naveen.Ch

what if you read just 1 row at a time in read range activty


Hi @Prafull_B,

We have taken some test sequence to test

1.Excel application scope
2.log message
3.image exist

as soon as printing log message after excel application scope Cursor is not at all moving to image exist and it’s not throwing an exception.

Additional info : we are facing this issue in QA environment … same code working perfectly in development.

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Hi All,

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Any one can help on this issue

It is UiPath issue or infra issue?

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Hi @Naveen.Ch

Could you maybe share a zip of the example project that reproduces the issue?

It would help if you could use a dummy excel file and a public website (google?) to simulate the image exist event.

Having such project would help us verify it on our end much quicker :slight_smile:

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