The sheet does not exist - Only Happen 2 out of 10 runs

Hi all,

Currently, we are facing this issue “The sheet does not exist.” The thing is it only happens sometimes and only in unattended mode. when we start the bot manually we don’t get this problem. And it only happens sometimes. It’s because of the excel activities problem? I tried to do it in debug mode and everything look fine to me. Kindly advise.


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Sorry about all the questions. It’s just it could be multiple things. How are you reading the excel sheet? Is it just the read range activity? Or have you included the excel scope activity nested? Also for your file path to the spreadsheet, are you using full pathway?

In addiction to @bobby’s questions, here is one more: From where those excel files come from? Some times if you are trying to download you need to be sure that the file has been fully downloaded. If you have this scenario you could use Path Exist activity and make a logic where you only proceed to process the file when Path Exist return True.

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Hi ,

Yes firstly, we created all the excel sheets init stage, Then we grab the data from web application and write everything to the excel file we created. then we read the excel file again and do the actions and updating of the excel files. The problem is it doesn’t happen all the time. we have this process run 4 times a day and it only happen 2 out of 10.
hope that make sense.
Thanks all

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So, if i understand right you have the following:

  1. Create an excel file (Manually or with some UiPath activity?)
  2. Get data from web and populate the excel created earlier
  3. Gets me confused, you have to read the excel that you just finished populated and update them based on what?

I don’t know if this works for you but you could consider the following:

  1. Instead of creating an excel, get data and them populate the excel, you could get all data you need, create a datatable using Build DataTable and them use Write Range excel acitvity to create and populate the excel.
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Hi @whitestar. Ok that makes sense. It seems to me and correct me if I am wrong that this error only occurs when reading the datatable again. It will be a problem with a race condition in where the data is still being written to the excel file and the robot is trying to open (read) it. Perhaps putting in a delay between the steps. Or similar to @Schirru comment checking that the file exists.

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I will make a bullet point to make it easier.

  • Created the excel file using excel activity in the init stage
  • we grab the data from web and write everything to excel created earlier ( we do it that way for recovery process)
  • Then we read the data row by row and do the get transaction/process stage and update “Status” columns in excel for each action
  • I did put some delay between reading the excel file to see if it work or not but it’s not working. ( i even put kill IE process after writing the data)

That summarized the process. Like I mentioned . It doesn’t happen all the time. If we encounter this problem we just restart the process and it will work fine.

If it’s due to an excel file activity problem we are thinking to make a database and store everything on it.

Thanks all

@whitestar I guess we’ll need a Screenshot of what are the Activities that you are using inside Excel Application Scope, Also Put a Kill Process for Excel before the Process start

Happy too i will just remove some of the data . so here

We created all the necessary sheet and excel file at first run.
Then we grab the data and save all the data to excel file (in different sheet for different purpose)


Then we read the saved data to do the actions

I usually have the error at step 3 when reading the data.

Thanks all

Hi, “step 3 when reading the data” meaning in the Close Workbook? or what are you counting as step 3?

One thing that you might consider is to give different names for different workbooks, at least it is better to someone outside understand more easily.

The times that you had problem, did you checked you excel file to confirm that really exists a sheet called “TEST1”?

And if i’m not mistaken there should another activity for read range where there are 3 inputs in the activity: path, range and sheet. Can you check if you have this activity and if so, try to use this one?

Hi similar situation, need advise