Array values in Excel

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I have multiple Queues in a Folders on Orchestrator, and I want to get how many transactions were successful in the Queue, that’s what I did: I put all the queues inside var type array(of string), I used “for each” to loop in that array and get the transactions from each queue, How can I write the the values in Excel.

For example:

Column A Column B
Frist Queue 20
Second Queue 50
3rd Queue 60

@Tarek_Kariish Hi,
Before loop make a table through build data table activity.
inside loop use add data row activity to add data in that datatable.
outside loop use write range to store in excel file.


Do you need only the number of successful. I hope you are using api to get queue names and then using get queue items for each queue

Then follow these steps

  1. Build a datatable with two columns one as string and second as integer columns
  2. Get all queue names
  3. For loop to get each queue
  4. Inside loop use get queue items for currentitem(this is the queue name)
  5. Output from step 4 would be the queue items which are successful in currentitem queue …say x…now use add data row activity and add arrayrow as {currentitem,quls_output.Count}
  6. Outside the loop use write range with the datatable that is build and added rows into


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