I have problems how to pass argument one workflow to another workflow

Hi, i can´t Pass arguments invoke, Only “Mes” passes .

It is hard to tell from screenshots what is happening or what is going wrong. I’d try troubleshooting in this order:

FIrst make sure you have the variables/arguments set up correctly. The main workflow should have variables (not arguments). Make sure it is the correct scope. The 1st invoked workflow that sets the values should have all ‘out’ arguments. In the main workflow, make sure each argument = the correct variable in the main. Next, the 2nd workflow that is receiving the values should have all ‘in’ arguments. Make sure in the main workflow that each argument = the correct variable.

If it is set up as described above, argument values will flow through correctly.

If it still isn’t working as described, then alter the argument values in the 1st workflow to be static. Just have argument1 = “1” or similar. That will ensure that you are actually having values being passed rather than accidental nulls or empty strings.

If that works, then put the regular values back in for the arguments one at a time until you discover what is causing the issues.

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ensure that all XAMLS are saved before importing / refresching the defined arguments (e.g. after editing)

We do see *in file name from where you want to import