Argument in trigger being ignored at run-time

I’ve set up an incoming argument in the Main workflow, but when I either run from Orchestrator or set a trigger the specified argument is being ignored during the run. It’s a very simple bool which I’m using to determine whether a job is scheduled (set bool to True) or manually run (leave argument empty). I’ve double-checked that I’m saving the argument before running and can see it registering as True in the job details. But the log message in the worflow is still showing the bool as False.

Doing exactly the same thing in another process worked fine. Any ideas where to look next? It’s happening right at the start of the process so no room for accidentally assigning the wrong value partway through.

For now I’ve created a string argument and am just using a “Y” or “N” as a substitute for True/False. But that feels like a brute force workaround.


Looks like there is a variable with same name in the workflow please check the same


Aha, good spot thanks. I’d created as a variable then changed to an argument, but hadn’t deleted the original variable.

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