Boolean parameter in Trigger is NOT overriding package default

I have a boolean parameter named UseHeaders that defaults to True in the code’s arguments. But when we set it to false in the Trigger parameters, the automation still sees it as True.

In Studio Arguments tab:

Branching If:


But it’s set to false in the Trigger:


I tested with another Boolean argument and the same thing happened.

Default in the Arguments tab:

Setting in Trigger:

It should NOT send this email:

But it did send the email:

I can’t confirm this. I have used the cloud Orchestrator and robot version 22.4.1.

Which Orchestrator version do you use?
Which process compatibility do you use (Windows Legacy, Windows, Crossplatform)?
Do you also have defined a default value on the process level in the Orchestrator?
What is displayed in the details-window in the job overview? - A correct or wrong value?

there anywhere you using same variable in two places ?

No there isn’t.

We are using on premise Orchestrator 2021.10.3

This is Windows Legacy.

There is no defined value at the process level. There shouldn’t need to be. It doesn’t affect other parameter types, just booleans as far as I can tell.

Great idea to look here. I didn’t think of that. It actually shows NO value. It doesn’t even show all the parameters.

I don’t have this Orchestrator version any longer, so i can’t check this.

Some more ideas. Maybe this helps to narrow down the issue:

Does the parameter is only set incorrect when using a trigger or also

  • when starting the process manually via Orchestator and set the parameter to false?
  • when starting the process via assistent and set the parameter to false?