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I have been trying to develop a web application using the UiPath built in App Studio but have since ran into some issues.

I am trying to create an event and include an if Statement where IF a checkbox is checked it would change the “Disabled” value from true to false on another object. The question is how do I create the initial If statement to check for a checked box? It should look something like this:



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Use Get Attribute activity and indicate that check box. And select Check attribute from the drop down list. If check box is selected then it will give output as True else False.

Hi lakshman,

Thank you for your reply. I am not trying to check if the aforementioned box is checked on a website, inside a sequence, but rather I am using the UiPath App studio and trying to design an event like this.

The end goal should look like the initial picture.

Hi @avasiliu ,

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Create an app variable for check box and bind it, it holds the checkbox value.


Thanks @SaranyaKishore

I have done as you said, bound a value to the checkbox but I am trying to include the statement in the field as follows

Another question that popped up is how do I bind the App variable to the in_argument of the process?

You can simply pass =!(AppVariableName)

If checkbox is enabled, that object will be shown, if not object will be hidden.

That is a great workaround. Is there a way to include an Or function to check for either !checkbox1 or !checkbox2 that could change the Hidden property?

The below formula is not working.

This should work, check the bindings once.

The problem is that if I use unary on both app variables, none of them work. if I use Or(!checkbox1,checkbox2) it works as intended, where checking checkbox1 will enable checkbox3.

If I use Or(!checkbox1,!checkbox2) none will work anymore. Checking either checkboxes will not enable checkbox3.

I checked that condition, it works.

It seems like I am having the following issue with the formula above:


It will work if I check both boxes.
To me it seems like the || (Or) operator works like an && (And) operator.

@SaranyaKishore thank you so much for your help. I have found the solution in the following formula


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