Checked and unchecked checkbox in Oracle

Hi guys!

Can you guys help me with my issue. This is very simple but since I’m still studying Uipath, so I guess someone can help me with this. OK, this is the scenario:

Please help what activity i need to use above issue.
Thank you in advance.


might be this is work for you.

Hi @Jumbo, sorry to say that mentioned post doesn’t work for me…

could you let me know why not?
i assume if you use get attribute, i think you
can get it status checked or not.

lf you can share the intended page, i think we can help more…


Use the check activity. If you want it to be checked make sure the property is set at checked. If you want it to be unchecked put it at unchecked.

Hi @Jumbo, based on the post link above, we have the same scenario. I have used also 0 and 1 for unchecked and checked and nothing happens. may I know where can I find 'aaname" because I don’t have that too… Thank you.

Hi @yannip i don’t think check ativity is ok, because PO no. is random, there are PO’s that have checked and some are unchecked. I juct want that once Uipath detect email is checked, it will automatically unchecked and if unchecked already, it will proceed immediately to Approve button. Because unchecked email is the proper attributes of oracle in order to proceed to approval button.

Hi @Amber17
Do you able to share UiExplorer indicate element result capture of the check box?
Perhaps I can help you, else I can nothing to do anymore…


Hi @Jumbo, do you know why i have error like this? this is after i opened uiexplorer (i used ‘get attribute’ activity) . Thank you for your help.


Hi @Amber17

Sorry but I don’t know the root cause…
The message seems something went wrong with selector of something java application. That is usually outcomes when you use invalid selector while running xaml but I assume this is not that pattern.

Below post is FYI that about the same error meassage.

Hi @Jumbo, thank you for the reply. I will check the link above.