Access checkbox variable in UiPath Forms


Working on UiPath forms, need to put a condition on a button on the basis of the combinations of checkboxes selected above in the form.

How to access the variables(data in a field key) to make a JavaScript or JSON condition?

There is a fieldkey as FK_CheckboxHobbiesand
in this there are three checkboxes with variables as Checkbox_Soccer, Checkbox_IceHockey, Checkbox_Snooker

Another Field key is FK_WeightOfPerson has three checkboxes with variables as Chekbox_Below60, Checkbox_In60And80, Checkbox_Above80

The button needs to have a combination of the checkboxes hence need a advanced condition:
How to use the value of checkbox variable to create a JavaScript or Json condition on the button? Any help?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

@loginerror any suggestions/help?

Hi @alpharobot - we’ll be taking a look at this next week and let you know. Thanks.

We created a sample workflow for you using the same names that you provided.
We have a select Boxes component named Hobbies with the field key same as provided by you, along with three checkboxes with respective field keys.
We have a second select Boxes component named Weight again with the same as provided by you, along with three checkboxes with respective field keys.
In the Submit button, Logic tab we have added a JavaScript logic to disable the button when we have ticked the checkboxes for soccer and Above80, we do so by returning the result as true and false as per our requirement. On return of result as true the Action gets executed. Here in this example we have set it to make the button’s property of Disabled as true.
Let me know if you have any doubt.
CheckboxConditions.xaml (8.5 KB)


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