Approval mechanism for publishing the process to orchestrator?

Is there any way to implement approval process for publishing the workflows to orchestrator? Basically I donot want any user to publish the faulty workflows to orchestrator, so when the user clicks on publish in studio, i want it to be route to another person for sanity check who will then publish it to orchestrator. Please help,

A good business practice for this specific request would be to have all developers submit to the person that you went checking the process and they use the publish feature in Orchestrator.

The only alternative would be to have developers publish workflows to their local machines and then have someone test the .nupkg files that are created. However if you do it this way you wouldn’t get to see the actual workflow that a developer wrote.

You mean sharing the xaml file with the approver who will then publish the workflow?

Yes. As part of your development process your developers would submit .xaml files to your chosen reviewer when they were finished. This could be via email, folder, Dropbox, or whatever you choose. Then the reviewer could check the .xaml and then publish the process if it passes all of the checks.

So that’s the only way for review! Alright.Thanks!